Podcast: Episode 8 – Michelle Duvall – Fingerprint For Success

Listen to the Podcast here: iTunes, Soundcloud, Pocketcast

Back from a few weeks break, Angad and Pete catch up with Michelle Duval founder of Equilibrio and Fingerprint for Success. Michelle is a professional coach who has worked with Australian founders, entrepreneurs and teams for the past 19 years helping them to achieve venture and personal success.

On the podcast Michelle talks about her background as a professional coach, the art and science of coaching and what motivates her. She talks about some of the entrepreneurs she has worked with like the team at Investible and she identifies a few of the traits she has seen in successful founders and co-founders.

Listeners can hear about her new venture Fingerprint For Success which is designed to help founders succeed using data she has gathered from studies of successful founders in Australia and abroad

You can follow Michelle on Twitter – @michelleduval

Fingerprint For Success: www.fingerprintforsuccess.com/
Equilibrio: www.equilibrio.com.au/

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