Podcast: Episode 6 – George Freney – Booodl

Listen to the Podcast here: iTunes, Soundcloud, Pocketcast

In this episode of the Two Tribes podcast Pete and Angad chat with George Freney from Booodl. George is the founder and CEO of Booodl an Australian start up making the ‘offline’ retail experience better in an ‘online’ world by allowing people to find the physical stores that sell what they want.

George talks to Two Tribes about the origins of Booodl, how he is taking on online retailing giant Amazon and using machine learning/Artificial Intelligence as a key capability. He also talks about his experience with first start up ConTgo which was acquired by expense management software company Concur in 2013.

George shares his thoughts on investing in start ups, the state of the Australian start up scene and his favourite sources of information/inspiration.

Booodl: www.booodl.com
Simon Sinek: Ted Talk – ‘Start with Why?’
Zero to One – Peter Thiel

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