Podcast: Episode 5 – Daniel Gulati – Fashionstake and Corporate VC

Listen to the Podcast here: iTunes, Soundcloud, Pocketcast

In episode 5, Angad and Pete catch up with Daniel Gulati who at 32 is a serial entrepreneur. He has worked as a management consultant, sold several start-ups, is an author, attended Harvard Business School, won a multitude of prizes and is now living in New York as a venture capitalist for Comcast which is the world’s largest broadcasting and cable company. An amazing story…

Dan talks about key moments in his entrepreneurial journey and his experience of have his business ‘Fashionstake’ bought by a larger company Fab (an e-commerce platform and Amazon rival in 2012). He shares his views on the value of a corporate VC, what his next moves might be in either investing or entrepreneurship and how he is excited by the growing maturity of the Australian startup scene.
Finally we hear about where he gets his motivation from… watching replays of classic NBA games!

This episode is the first one with an Australian entrepreneur making it big overseas, a story we hope to continue to shed light on at Two Tribes.


AFR Article on Daniel 
Comcast Ventures
Daniel’s book – Passion & Purpose
Two Tribes

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