Podcast: Episode 3 – Tomer Garzberg – Gronade

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In episode 3,  we caught up with Gronade founder and serial entrepreneur Tomer Garzberg. The interview took place at the Gronade office in Sydney which was nicely decked out…including the office dog! (you can hear its footsteps during the interview).

Tomer is a ‘growth hacker’ by trade and started Gronade about 9 months ago to focus on improving the growth aspirations of start ups. We talk about growth hacking, what growth hacking is, why start ups should consider using growth hacking methods to support their business from an early stage and growth hacking’s application to larger enterprises.

Tomer gives us insight into the creation of Gronade, his mission to be ‘the start up that helps start ups’ and the hacking mentality that he looks for in the people he hires.

Gronade: gronade.com

Two Tribes: iitribes.com

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