Blog: Week 2 – What we heard this week…

We are not only keen to share what we learn from our interviews with members of the Australian startup scene through our podcast, but we are also avid podcast listeners and hope to share things that made us think from other great podcasts out there.

What we heard this week…

VC is the perfect breeding ground for founding a start up. This is a topic we are really interested in at Two Tribes – What makes a great founder or investor? Chris Morton of ‘Fash-tech’ company Lyst spoke to thetwentyminutevc about how being an early stage investor at Balderton Capital enabled him to understand the ‘nitty gritty’ (funding, legal, deal-making) side of entrepreneurship before starting his own business. Lyst is a e-commerce platform for fashion and Chris shares some very interesting views on the future of e-commerce.

Why boards matter when it comes to growth? ‘A bad board hurts the company more than a good board helps it’. Ventured podcast (KPCB’s own) explores the role of the board in start up growth. We heard from Will On of Shippit last week how important the Shippit board were to steering the company toward profitable growth. This podcast has some great tips on how to get the most out of your board.

Bots and the future of computing. We love ‘Hallway Chat‘ podcast. This is a older episode exploring topics like the rise of bots as businesses and the future of computing. Bijan and Nabeel have Fred Wilson on the cast and talk about why some VC’s are starting to move away from mobile apps to bots as an area of focus.

Want to get your pitch right? Create a start up video. Dorm Room Tycoon talks to Adam Lisagor from Sandwich Video that specializes in making short form promotional videos for tech companies. In order for companies to be successful they require great communication of their idea to their market. This podcast gives some tips on how best to do that.

Celebrating failure as a business model. Astro Teller from Google X talks to Stanford students on the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast. Some interesting insights into how Alphabet encourages breakthrough and disruptive ideas and celebrates/rewards failure.

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