Podcast: Episode 2 – Will On – Shippit

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The second episode of the Two Tribes podcast where we unearth the stories of Australian founders/entrepreneurs or investors.

Will On joins Pete and Angad to discuss his latest co-founded venture Shippit. Shippit is a ‘one-stop’ parcel shipping platform for merchants which offers an excellent experience for parcel recipients. Shippit offers low cost shipping for merchants nation-wide bringing together bespoke courier services and the services of Australia Post.

On the podcast Will talks about his previous entrepreneurial pursuits and corporate life. We learn about how his family and his consulting background keep him focused on business fundamentals in a start up environment.

We also find out how to successfully pivot a business idea, why great team members, personal networks and investors matter and about his working relationship with long-time friend and Shippit co-founder Rob Hango-Zada.


Links to companies/resources discussed in this podcast:

Shippit, Innovation Bay, SMH Article on Australian Post deal


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